Exploring Paris in February: Your Ultimate Guide to 15 Exceptional Things To Do

If you are traveling to Paris in February, you have to read this post.  In addition to the typical tourist things to do in Paris, you will find new places and activities that we have been discovering since we moved here.


February 2nd: Celebrate Chandeleur

Chandeleur, or ‘Fête des Crêpes,’ is a popular French celebration on February 2nd each year, marking the day of crepes.


Spending Chinese New Year in Paris

Chinese New Year is a grand celebration, no matter where you are. Among the things to see in Paris in February is this special event for the entire Asian community. The main event is the New Year’s parade, which includes the dragon dance, accompanied by dancing lions and many artists and musicians. The most popular Chinese New Year parades take place in the 13th district, where Chinatown is located.


Food Market Boom Boom la Villette

Starting February 8th, in the lively La Villette neighborhood of Paris (19th district), Boom Boom Villette opens its Food Market, a space dedicated to the best of street food.


Mardi Gras in Paris

Mardi Gras 2024 is celebrated with great enthusiasm on February 13th. This year, the Jardin d’Acclimatation will once again host its carnival during Mardi Gras


Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, so many choose to visit the city at this particular time of the year.



the Pharaonic Immersive Experience opens in Paris: An Egyptian Journey in 3000 m² in Paris, created by the team of the exhibitions on Ramses and Tutankhamun at la Villette, available from February 2024.

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