Visit the Catacombs of Paris,  Complete Guide

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Why Were the Catacombs Built?

18th-century Paris lacked the elegance it has today. The catacombs were built to address public health issues caused by overcrowded cemeteries.

What to See in the Paris Catacombs

Discover the hidden depths of Paris in the mesmerizing catacombs, an underground realm holding a haunting history and eerie beauty.

See a detailed replica of the port of Mahon, showcasing incredible creativity.

An inscription in French meaning “Stop, here begins the empire of death.”

Arrête, c’est ici l’empire de la Mort Sign

The Port of Mahón

Dubbed the "Barrel of Bones," this skull-filled structure stands over 2 meters tall.

Explore the labyrinthine route, and see quarries, stonemason marks, and archaeological remnants.

La Senda del Cantero

The Barrel of Passion

Among the catacomb's disordered bones lie notable figures like Nicolas Flamel, Blaise Pascal, and Robespierre.

Explore the catacombs to discover street signs directly above.

The Same Subway Paris Street Signs

Famous People Buried in the Catacombs 

Cheapest Way to Visit the Catacombs of Paris

Check the operator's website for last-minute tickets priced at 18€.

Tips for Planning  a Visit to the Catacombs of Paris

How to Dress for the Catacombs

Dress warmly, especially in winter, to avoid discomfort while waiting outside.

Accommodations Near Catacombs of Paris

When planning a visit to the catacombs in Paris, consider staying in hotels located in the nearby Montparnasse district.

Hôtel du Maine

Hôtel Du Midi Paris Montparnasse

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