How to Get from Beauvais Airport to Paris, France

Train from Beauvais Airport to Paris

Take a bus or cab to the nearby Beauvais train station.

Tickets can be purchased at the station or SNCF's website, costing around 15-20 euros per person.

Journey takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Bus or Shuttle Beauvais

The Beauvais Shuttle provides airport-to-Paris transportation with frequent departures to Porte Maillot station, connecting to city transit.

Travel time varies (1.5 to 2 hours).

Cab from Beauvais to Paris

Comfy but pricey, around 170 € during the day and 210 € at night.

Pay with cash or card. Find one online or at the airport stand.

Private Transfer to Paris

For groups of 3 or more, consider a private transfer.

Prices start at 189€ (up to 3 persons) or 200€ (up to 6 persons) online!

Using Ridesharing Applications

Opt for a rideshare from Beauvais Airport to Paris – cost-effective, shared rides with easy app payments.

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