The Best Things To Do in Provins: 1-Day from Paris

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Discover medieval charm just an hour from Paris in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Provins.  Marvel at the iconic Caesar Tower and explore attractions like Saint-Ayoul church, the city museum, and the La Légende des Chevaliers show.  Immerse yourself in history by visiting ruins and strolling through medieval streets.


Explore medieval Provins, a UNESCO Heritage Site an hour from Paris. Admire Caesar Tower and historical attractions.


Consider renting a car for the 80 km drive from Paris to Provins. Park at the village entrance, a 5-minute walk away.

How to Get to Provins from Paris


Reach Provins from Paris by bus from the city's bus station for around 10-15 euros in 2 hours. The bus station is a 30-minute walk from the historic center.

Walk The Walled City

– Explore the impressive ramparts surrounding Provins' historic city center.

– Explore the medieval history of Provins by visiting the iconic Caesar Tower.

Visit the Caesar Tower

– Learn about the tower's past as a watchtower and defense tower during the Middle Ages.

– Book in advance to avoid long lines and access the tower's terrace for stunning views.

– Discover the fascinating trades and crafts of the Middle Ages at La Grange aux Dîmes in Provins.

Visit the Grange aux Dîmes

– Explore the sumptuous 13th-century former merchants' house and its vaulted rooms.

– Enjoy an affordable guided audio tour with theatrical representations of medieval merchants and trades.

– Explore the fascinating Underground Galleries beneath Provins, showcasing medieval architecture.

The Underground Galleries

– Discover their historical significance in storing food, wine, and protecting inhabitants.

– Book your visit to the Underground Galleries, a testament to medieval engineering.

– Admire the impressive Romanesque architecture of the Church of Saint Quiriace.

The Church of Saint Quiriace

– Explore the beautiful interior with stained glass windows and medieval artwork.

– Don't miss the remarkable crypt, one of France's largest and best-preserved.

– Experience the medieval charm of the Place du Chatel in Provins.

Place du Chatel

– Admire the 16th-century Diana fountain, one of the city's oldest.

– Enjoy breathtaking views of the city and explore the weekly market.

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