Getting around Paris, The COMPLETE GUIDE

By Vero

Paris Metro

The Best Way to Transport in Paris

Paris RER Trains

Connects the center of Paris with the suburbs

Buses in Paris

With more than 60 day and 40 night lines, buses are perfect for sightseeing. Not ideal during rush hour.

Montmartre Funicular

Similar to a tramway connecting the lower part of Montmartre to the upper part.

Paris Streetcars

Streetcars has 10 lines connecting the city center to the periphery and the Orly Airport.

Paris Cabs and Uber

Not economical but run 24 hours and are convenient for getting to various destinations in Paris.

Paris by Bike

Thousands of bicycles are up for rent 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

Paris on Foot

Explore Paris on foot, discover its hidden gems.

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