Where To Eat In Paris On A Budget


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You can get by with 25 € a day with two good meals and sandwiches. We do recommend going as high as 30 to 40 €.

How Much to Budget for Food in Paris?

Best French Restaurants in Paris on a Budget

Bouillon Chartier

Café Du Coin

Bouillon Pigalle

Le Cornichon

Experience homemade and classic French cuisines on a budget in Paris through these restaurants, bistros, and bakeries.  From 7 € to 15 €, you can enjoy the best of French entrees, mains, and desserts.

International Restaurants in Paris on a Budget

Ravioli Nord-Est

My Noodles

Oui Galette

Bululu Arepera

If you are looking for international flavors, Paris has affordable restaurants serving delicious cuisines from east to west!  The price often starts from around 7 € up to 12 €.

Budget Vegan Restaurants in Paris 

Hank Burger

Tien Hiang

Cheap Restaurants near Eiffel Tower

Schwartz Hot Dog

Le P’tit Troquet 

Cheap Restaurants near Notre Dame Paris

Chez Gladines

Breizh Café

L’as du Fallafel

Chez Janou

With many historical and religious artifacts in Notre Dame, who would not include it as a top destination?  The best part about being at Notre Dame is being surrounded by affordable food from 6 €.

Cheap Restaurants near Louvre Museum

Bistrot Victoires

Pho 14


Bien Bien

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How to Eat Good and Cheap in Paris?

Get accommodation in Paris with breakfast or rent a space with a kitchen. Eat breakfast like a Parisian. Eat out during lunchtime. Go for a formule. Choose À Emporter. Go to local favorites or try street food. Always check for promotions.

The 7th and 9th Arrondissements have the most affordable restaurants in Paris. You can walk along these famous streets in Paris and have a budget food tour and eat deliciously!

Where To Eat Cheaper In Paris?

Discover Where to Eat in Paris on a Budget, HERE!

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