Paris Packing List BY SEASON

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What to Pack to Travel to Paris

The most important thing to pack for Paris is your documents and ID. This includes your passport, credit cards, travel insurance, and medication

Identification: You may have to show identification at various payment locations. Credit Card / Wise / Cash: Spending cash and emergency cash are two essential things to prepare for. Travel Insurance: Travel insurance can help you recoup some of your costs during an emergency. Medication: You will be far away from home and unable to obtain what you need unless you bring it.

Other Personal Items – Phone charger/USB – Toiletries – Aspirin/Advil – Extra clothing – Lip balm – Deodorant – Sunscreen  – Sunglasses – Hat – Water bottle – Snacks

Green Handbag
Green Handbag

Small Backpack or Bag?

A small bag may be all you need if you will only be in Paris for a few days. A small backpack may be a better option for longer days.

How Not to Look like a Tourist?

Black, white, and gray are all excellent options. Then, add a few pops of color with scarves, hats, bags, shoes, or jewelry.


10 Paris Packing Essentials for All Seasons

– Scarf – Hat – Sweater/Light Jacket – A Good Pair of Shoes – Extra  Bag – Raincoat – Credit Card/Cash – Sunglasses – Toiletries – Paris Guidebook


Paris Packing List Spring

If you are traveling in the springtime, make sure to pack an umbrella just in case it rains! – Light jacket – Long sleeve tops – Short sleeve tops – Pants and shorts – Sandals and shoes – Fanny pack


Paris Packing List Winter

Some essentials to pack include a heavy coat, a scarf, a hat, gloves, and a pair of boots. – Gloves – Hand warmers – Leg warmers – Winter cap – Scarves – Winter coat


Paris Packing List Fall

Make sure to pack an umbrella just in case it rains! – Leggings – Ankle Boots – Blazer

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