Paris Hidden Gems You Have to Visit

The Last Vineyard of Paris in the Montmartre District

Rue Cremieux

It is an ideal street for those who want to look for places to take nice pictures. Each house is painted a different color in pastel shades, and pots of flowers hang from each balcony.

Paris Street art

One of the districts with the most urban art in Paris is the 13th arrondissement. On Boulevard Vincent Auriol you will find more than 25 works of art. Most of them cover entire buildings, so you will be surprised by both their beauty and their size.

Paris Sewers Museum

Under Paris run 2,600 kilometers of galleries, through which 300 million m3 of rainwater and wastewater pass each year.

Les Marais district

The Les Marais district has become one of the secret places in Paris that you must visit. Formerly a swampy area where the Templars lived, today it is one of the most chic areas of the city.

The Sinking House

We could translate it as the sinking house. Maybe you saw it in some Instagram posts and it left you with your mouth open, wondering where it was and what was wrong with that house. Sorry to prick your bubble, this is an optical illusion.

Saint-Martin Canal

It took 23 years to build and was inaugurated in 1825 to bring drinking water to Paris. Along its edges are accompanied by centenary trees and following its course you will pass under the mysterious vault of the Bastille.

Dalida Square

Dalida was a woman of Italian parents who moved to Cairo.  Her real name was Yolanda Gigliotti and after being crowned Miss Egypt she settled in Paris, where she excelled as a singer, using the pseudonym Dalida, although she was also known as La Doña.

The Great Mosque of Paris

Another of the secret places of Paris is its Great Mosque, located in the V district and built in the 1920s as a tribute to the 70,000 Muslim soldiers who fought for France and died during the First World War.

The fountain of Maria de Medicis

The Luxembourg Palace and gardens were designed and built around 1615 when Marie de Medici tired of the Louvre and ordered the construction of an Italian style palace.