Best Things to Do in Paris in April

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Why Should You Visit Paris in April? April is one of the best months to visit Paris. The weather is delightful, and there are fewer tourists than in summer, as it is not yet high season.

What to Know Before Traveling to Paris in April?

 8°C to  18°C


Average Temperature

– average of 12 rainy days – average of 12 hours of sunshine

What to Wear to Paris in April? – Light and comfortable clothing – Coat in the evenings and protect yourself from the rain. – Comfortable walking shoes – Hat or cap to protect from the sun, umbrella, and sunglasses.

Events in Paris: Concerts in the Gardens of Versailles and Paris Fair

The music concerts are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from April 1 to 29. The Paris Fair is a great tradition held for more than 110 years at the Parc des Expositions de Porte de Versailles between April 27 and May 8, 2023.

Events in Paris: Easter and Manga & Sci-Fi Show

Easter is celebrated on April 9, and the 10th is a public holiday in France. For anime and science fiction lovers, join the  Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show on April 1 and 2.

Events in Paris: Paris Marathon and Throne Fair

The Marathon has over 40,000 people participating every year in April. Meanwhile, the Throne Fair offers an amusement park with over 350 rides and attractions from the end of March until May.

Events in Paris: The Paris Book Festival

The Paris Book Festival is held on April 21, 22, and 23. You can browse the stands of all the bookstores and publishers of over 300,000 books.

The Must-Sees of the Year

The Latin Quarter: full of life and with a unique atmosphere. The Champs-Élysées: has exclusive stores, theaters, and restaurants.

The Île de la Cité: is home to Notre Dame and is one of the city’s most historical points. The Île Saint-Louis: known for its cheese, chocolate, and wine stores

The Luxembourg Garden: offers an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the city.

Special Places in Paris: The Gardens of Versailles

Because of its history and beauty, Versailles’s gardens are one of France’s most visited and beautiful places. The design features a wide variety of flowers, trees, and ponds.

Special Places in Paris: Promenade Plantée

La Promenade Plantée is an elevated park in Paris, built on an old abandoned railroad. Nature took over the area when the tracks were no longer in use.

Special Places in Paris: Cherry Blossoms in Paris

If you prefer to see them on more popular sites, you have several options—for example, the Champs Elysées Garden. Imagine how unforgettable it is to see the cherry blossoms while contemplating a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower.

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