Visit the Calanques National Park Cassis Marseille

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What to Know about Calanques?

The extensive natural park with giant mountains, small fjords, and estuaries spanning 8,500 hectares of land and 43,500 hectares of aquatic area.


Stunning coastal massifs with light gray stone, turquoise sea, and diverse flora and fauna.

What to Know about Calanques?

Protected Species

Unique Ecosystem

Over 100 land and 60 marine species, including dolphins, sea turtles, and puffins.

Formed 120 million years ago, the Park features limestone, calm sea, and thriving marine and plant life.

Risk of Fire

Avoid visiting the Park in August due to fire risk. However, the rest of the year offers open access and swimming opportunities in remote coves.

How to Get to Calanques

Calanques Park, near Marseille, is easily accessible by car, with proximity to Marseille and Nice airports.

Renting a car in France allows flexibility to explore Calanques and other parts of Provence.

While trains are available, having your own vehicle provides convenience for visiting various tourist spots.

How to Go to Calanques from Marseille

Easy Access: It takes only 35 minutes from Marseille to reach Calanques, with various transportation options available.

Early Arrival: Arrive early in Cassis for better parking and fewer visitors, enjoying the place for a few hours.

Bus Option: Take bus 83 to La Plage, then bus 19 to Port de la Madrague, and finally minibus 20 to Port de Callelongue, enjoying scenic views along the way.

Join organized tours from Marseille to explore the stunning coves of Calanques Park. Ideal for those with limited time and reasonable prices, it's a worthwhile experience even for a morning visit.

How to Get from Cassis to Calanques

Trail from Cassis: Explore Port Miou, Calanque Port Pin, and Calanque d'En Vau on foot for stunning views.

Moderate Difficulty: Allow 3 to 4 hours for the trail, depending on stops and pace.

Breathtaking Beauty: The journey offers beautiful views, making the trail highly worthwhile.

Tips for Visiting the Park

For a safe and enjoyable trek to Calanques, wear closed, comfortable shoes (preferably mountain shoes) and bring necessary equipment.

Tips for Visiting the Park

Hydration: Carry plenty of water to stay hydrated in the rapidly changing weather of the blue coast.

Sun Protection: Apply sun cream regardless of the weather, as the sun can be intense in this area.

Camera: Capture the stunning landscapes of Calanques with any camera to cherish your own memories.

Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable clothes and good socks to avoid discomfort during long walks.

Activities to Do in Calanques

Diverse Activities

Offers various activities, including day trips, yacht or sailboat tours, kayak rentals, and diving.

Scenic Boat Tours

Snorkeling and Diving

Enjoy breathtaking fjord views on boat tours, though it can be expensive.

Explore the stunning seabed, spot unique fish, and discover sunken ships in this protected area.

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