Lavender Season in Provence, France

Lavender has fascinated people for generations with its relaxing, delicate aroma and dusky purple tint, so what could be better than having your vacation surrounded by lavender fields?

And if there’s one place in the world that people think of when they think of lavender, it’s Provence.

Provence is known to be one of the best places in the world to discover fields upon fields of lavender, with charming villages, sweeping vineyards, and lavender-infused oils, honey, and sorbets.

Lavender season in Province is one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see, and it will be imprinted on your memory for the rest of your life.

Let your imagination take you to lavender fields that are blooming with color and fragrant scents as the blooms softly brush against one another.

Provence Lavender Season

Lavander field in Provence

It’s a good idea to know the best time of year to see the lavender fields in bloom if your main goal when you visit Provence is to see them. Then you don’t want to plan a trip only to find that you came too early or came late.

The aroma of lavender fields in bloom is very enchanting. Your gaze is drawn to the beautiful rows of flowers that reach all the way to the horizon of Provence.

Thousands of locals and travelers flock to this fragrant purple paradise each year, hoping to catch it at the peak of its blossoming cycle.

However, the lavender season in Provence isn’t a year-round thing. The climate and the temperature are critical factors for the lavender flowers to bloom.

So, it is hard to say in which month the lavender season in Provence starts, except for the fact that it starts in summer.

As soon as the weather warms up, the lavender season will begin. Generally speaking, you can expect the flowering to start in early June and last until mid-August, depending on the area.

Provence Lavender Fields in June

The lavender fields of Provence begin to bloom in June, and by the end of the month, the majority of the lavender fields will be in bloom.

Luberon is usually the first lavender field to bloom, followed by Valensole. The best lavender in Provence is the last to bloom. It is farmed at the highest altitudes and is the best.

Provence Lavender Fields in July

It’s best to visit lavender fields in Provence during the first few weeks of July. Bright purple fields cover the whole area. As well, if you get there before the school holidays start, you’ll be able to avoid the crowds. 

From mid-July, lavender fields start to be harvested on the Valensole plateau in the south of France. In general, the upper Luberon lavender fields and fine lavender from the Château du Bois are harvested on July 15th.

The lower Luberon around Lourmarin, the lavender fields around Valensole, and those near Sisteron are harvested in late July.

Provence Lavender Fields in August

Saignon views from Lavender Field in Luberon Provence

Many people worry that they won’t get to see the lavender fields at all when they visit France in August, but there are still a few fields of lavender in bloom.

The only thing is the lavender field you’l find in august are not the most beautiful and they are not vibrant purple, they are more greyish.

To find lavender in bloom until August 10th, go to the Sault lavender fields or Banon.

Provence Lavender Festivals

Provence Lavender Souvenirs

In 2024, there are a few lavender festivals in Provence that you should keep an eye on. Most of them are one-day events that can be fun.

You can buy and try a lot of lavender-themed things there, but there will also be a lot of other things there for you to enjoy as well: food from the area, music from the site, and so on.

This is the first festival of the year, and it takes place in the town of Ferrassières, on the Plateau D’Albion, on the first Sunday in July. It is a very low-key event.

The town of Valesole has a lavender festival on the third Sunday of July, and the village of Sault has one on August 15th every year.

Many people go to Digne Les Bains in Haute Provence in the northeast of Valensole. The “Corso of Lavender” festival happens from the 5th to the 9th of August.

All through the summer, there are a lot of small festivals and farmer’s markets that have a lot of lavender in them. There is also a general, very festive atmosphere in the region during the lavender season in Provence.

Best Way To Visit the Lavender Fields

It’s easy to get to the lavender fields of Provence by car. They are indeed less than an hour’s drive from Aix-en-Provence.

There are many small country roads and villages to explore on your own. You can stop at viewpoints and watch the sunrise or set over rows of lavender.

If you don’t have a car, there are guided tours that will show you the beautiful lavender fields in Provence.

Where to Find Lavender Fields in Provence: Best Places to Visit

Walking through fields of lavender in France, with the Alps mountains in the background, the sound of bees buzzing, and the sun on your skin is like nothing else. Find out where the best places are to see lavender in Provence, France.


Valensole fountain and medieval buildings

The most well-known lavender fields in Provence are the ones near Valensole, which is a small town.

The town of Valensole is pretty charming, here, you can find the best ways to visit the lavender fields. But, in the town, there are not many things to do.

With this in mind, the lavender fields near the town are the best in France. In the Valensole Plateau, Lavandes Angelvin is the most well-known of the fields, and there are the trees’ areas often caught on camera at sunrise.

One of the main roads through Provence is called the D6; Lavandes Angelvin is on this road.

Visitors to the Lavandes Angelvin will soon find a lot of parking space and a small outdoor stand that sells lavender products and beverages.

Further down the D6, as you drive away from Valensole, many more lavender fields offer beautiful views of the Alps above. There is a type of lavender called Lavandin that is grown in Valensole.


Drôme is a department in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, which is a part of France. However, this area is called the Drôme Provençale because it is close to Provence in terms of geography, culture, history, and climate.

In fact, you are outside of Provence, but with all of the lavender fields and hilltop villages, you won’t even know you are.

Nyons and Chamaloc are two lavender distilleries in the region. Because the lavender fields in Drôme are farther north than the fields in Valensole, they usually bloom in mid to late July and are usually harvested at the start of August.

Pays de Sault

Pays de Sault  - Luberon, Provence

Pays de Sault isn’t as often visited as other places where lavender fields can be found in Provence, but it’s home to some of the best lavender fields in the area.

With Mont Ventoux behind them, these small and charming villages are found in this area. Aurel, Ferrasières, and Sault are just a few of them.

As you drive up to Sault, you’ll see that it’s in the middle of a thick forest and a rolling agricultural valley. It’s worth walking through the medieval streets to get a taste of the unique charm of this northern Provençal village.

There are a lot of excellent things to do in the old town. First, make sure you stop by the nougat factory and pick up a walking tour map from a local tourist office.

Luberon Valley

The Luberon Valley is in the Vaucluse department and is known for its medieval hilltop villages with steepled churches and beautiful views.

There will soon become a sea of purple lavender in the area around these villages if they choose to visit during the lavender season in Provence.

The lavender fields of Sénanque Abbey, a monastery near Gordes, are the most famous of the Luberon Valley’s lavender fields.

Because Sénanque Abbey is one of the most iconic destinations in Provence to visit lavender fields, you should go early in the day to avoid crowds. Lavandin is the most common lavender variety in the Luberon.

L’Abbaye de Sénanque and Gordes

Senanque Abbey

While at Gordes, make sure to look around the nearby Abbaye de Sénanque for more great views of lavender fields. Gordes has been dubbed “one of France’s most beautiful villages” to blend Provençal beauty and traditional architecture.

It is known as one of the most beautiful and scenic villages in the area. Gordes is a must-see if you search for the lavender fields in Provence. Sénanque Abbey is tucked away in the Gordes valley and surrounded by lavender fields.

Lavender is grown on the land by the monks who live there, who then sell it. Honey and liqueurs are also produced in the area, which helps to sustain the local economy.

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Lavender Fields in Provence

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