Where to Find Lavender Fields in Provence

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Valensole Lavender Fields

Valensole is a charming town with a spectacular site like the Plateau de Valensole, where you can enjoy beautiful views of a huge field of lavender and lavandin.

– In this area, the bees mostly forage from the lavender flower, which produced a type of honey by the Mouret family in 1930.

More about Valensole Lavender Fields

– Laurent Mouret’s lavender honey can be found from June to September.

– Another attraction of this area is the traditional festivals celebrated in the flowering period.

Sault Lavander Fields

It is a beautiful town that lives from its wheat crops and lavender, and known for its rich gastronomic products, such as lamb and goat cheese.

– You can visit the museum housing an Egyptian mummy and some prehistoric remains. – The large production distillery, Aroma Plantes, preserves the traditional way of treating lavender oil.

Luberon Lavender Fields

Luberon is a region of medieval architecture where abbeys are in perfect condition. It is also home to the Lavender Museum, opening to daily visits from February to December.

Ardeche Lavender Fields

You can visit on foot or kayak down the river, where areas are set up for camping. Within this natural park, we can enjoy the colors and smells of lavender.

Drôme Lavender Fields

In Valdrome, a town in Drome, you can walk for 5 km to enjoy the lavender fields above 700 meters of altitude.

Grasse Lavender Fields

The capital of perfume is home to a small town called Pégomas. They grow marjoram, jasmine, rosemary, tuberose, and lavender to make perfumes in this enclave.

Route 1: Vercors-Diois (220 km)

7 Routes through the Lavender Fields in Provence

Route 2: Drôme to Haut-Vaucluse (130 km

Lavender Route 3: Between Ventoux, Lure, and Luberon (200 km)

Lavender Route 4: The pre Alps of Provence, from Baronnies to Buech (180 km)

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