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Travel Tips for Paris
Paris | Planning

Paris Travel Tips for Your First Time in the City

Traveling to Paris is always both an interesting plan and a logistical challenge. It is necessary to combine the will and expectations of the first visit with the specific conditions of the trip: the season, the days available, the budget, and the availability. There is so much to see in Paris! No wonder Nicolas Barreau…

7-Day Paris Itinerary
Paris | Planning

► The Ultimate 7-Day Paris Itinerary [For Your First Trip]

Paris is usually a “must” destination on trips both to France in particular and to Europe in general. City of fashion, light, and cinema, capital of France but also of the 19th century and fundamental to understanding the 20th century… Can you reach a certain number of days to get to know this endless city?…

From Paris to Bruges in a day by train
Day Trip from Paris | Paris

How to get From Paris to Bruges by Train in 1 Day

Paris offers many experiences, tours such as cultural, gastronomic, architectural… As a city, it is a destination to always be discovered. However, it can also be an excellent starting point for visiting other destinations, such as Versailles, Reims o… ¡Bruges! Is it possible to visit Bruges from Paris? But, isn’t Bruges in Belgium? Of course,…