Why Paris in August Perfect for Summer Adventures

By Vero

Weather in Paris in August

Occasional showers may occur during the average high temperatures, which range from 22°C to 26°C (72°F to 79°F).

What to Know Before You Visit Paris in August

What to Wear in Paris in August

Ladies, pack chic outfits and layer with a light jacket. Men, opt for lightweight clothing like linen shirts and chinos.

Liberation of Paris

Celebrated throughout the city with parades and festivities

Events in Paris in August

Paris Plages

A Temporary beach along the Seine with activities.

Paris Punk Rock Summer Festival

Electric energy, rebellious vibes, and fierce performances.

Cruising along the Seine River

 Soak in Paris' allure, pass iconic landmarks, capture moments, and embrace the city's enchanting history through a cruise in the Seine River.

Best Things to Do in Paris in August

Exploring the Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Stroll through Pere Lachaise Cemetery, discover notable figures' resting places, contemplate life, and experience introspection.

Best Things to Do in Paris in August

Discovering the Louvre Museum

Escape the heat, immerse in Louvre's magnificence. Marvel at masterpieces, ancient artifacts, captivating art, and human history.

Best Things to Do in Paris in August

Venturing into the Catacombs of Paris

Discover hidden depths of Paris in August, venture into eerie Catacombs, witness haunting remains, and explore with guided tour.

Best Things to Do in Paris in August

Touring Versailles

Escape to opulent Palace of Versailles, explore grand halls, mesmerizing Hall of Mirrors, glimpse into French royalty's lives, enchanting gardens.

Best Things to Do in Paris in August

Walking Down the Champs-Elysées

Stroll Champs-Elysées, soak elegance, luxurious shops, aroma of pastries, majestic Arc de Triomphe, vibrant energy—Paris epitome of style.

Best Things to Do in Paris in August

Admiring the Sainte-Chapelle

Enter Sainte-Chapelle, behold stunning stained glass, vibrant hues, transport to serene realm, testament to artistry's impact on soul.

Best Things to Do in Paris in August

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