Best Things To Do in Menton, French Riviera

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A Brief History of Menton – A French city located on the border between France and Italy. – Until 1848, it was a city that belonged to the principality of Monaco. – Italians occupied Meton during the World War and influenced the people and architecture.

– Menton is accessible by train from Nice, and there is a direct bus to and from Nice airport and Monaco.

How to Get to Menton

– The A8 motorway runs along the French Riviera and stops outside Menton.

– Menton has road and rail access from Italy.

What is the Best Time to Visit Menton and How Many Days do I Need to Visit Menton? – We recommend the end of June to enjoy the great festival of the area, the Lemon Festival. – Menton has a delightful climate  all year round. - You will only need 2 days or 3 at most.

You will enjoy colorful facades, baroque-style basilicas, and a labyrinth of intertwining cobbled streets in the old town. The Baroque-style basilica has a ceiling painted with the scene of Saint Michael killing the dragon.

Tour the Historic Center, and Visit the Basilica of Saint-Michel-Archange

Go to the Museum of Jean Cocteau and Head to the Bastion

See art collections made by Jean Cocteau, like the Le Trois Yeux. The museum also has beautiful architecture worth seeing. The bastion was built in 1619 and has served as a refuge, a lighthouse, and even a prison during World War II.

Tour the Old Castle Cemetery

Walk along Val Rahmenh Botanical Garden

Join the Lemon Festival

Head to the  Beaches of Menton

Gastronomy of Menton


Nice Salad


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