Troyes: a Hidden Gem in the Champagne Region

We bring you one of the most beautiful cities in France. In the Champagne-Ardenne region, Troyes will allow you to visit many interesting places and taste excellent champagne wines. Let’s get to know everything you have to see in Troyes.

What is Troyes Famous for?

Troyes is a city of great historical and cultural wealth, with many well-preserved medieval and Renaissance buildings.

It is also known for its importance in the textile industry, particularly for producing high-quality fabrics and lace, so you can get clothes at very good prices.

In addition, the city is home to several interesting museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Tools.

Wooden houses with flowers

By the way, if you’re interested in pronouncing Troyes in French, it’s something like “tʁwa” with the French R. Do you know how to say 3 in French? Well, it’s the same.

The Best Places to See in Troyes

These are the most interesting places to visit in Troyes.

Tour the Historic Center

The historic center of Troyes is one of the most beautiful in France. We loved the architecture we saw here.

There are lots and lots of old houses with half-timbering and facades painted in different colors, which makes the whole center a super instagrammable place.

The hardest part of this post is choosing which pictures to post!!!

Walk around the Place de la Liberation to see the center of Troyes. It is in this area where the great majority of these 3-story, colorful, chestnut-roofed buildings, built after the great fire of 1524, are grouped together.

In the Old Town of Troyes are some of the major attractions of the city. In addition to the medieval buildings, you will find churches with magnificent architecture and decoration, museums, craft shops and many restaurants and bars.

As you will notice, there is a lot to see, so get lost in its cobblestone streets.

Visit the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul Cathedral

Popularly known as the Cathedral of Troyes, this church was built in the ninth century, but was destroyed and rebuilt several times due to various invasions, fires, hurricanes and even because of unstable ground.

Its beauty makes it one of the must-sees in Troyes.

It is Gothic in style and is considered to be unfinished, as it has only one tower.

Troyes Cathedral

Among the details that stand out are its stained glass windows that tell different stories and legends and were made between the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries. Italso has an organ that is almost 300 years old and is one of the largest in Europe.

In addition, it is worth spending a few minutes to contemplate its facade and the statues you will see there.

Discover the History of Tools at La Maison de l’Outil et de la Pensée Ouvrière

The Maison de l’Outil et de la Pensée Ouvrière is a unique museum dedicated to the history of tools and the life of manual workers over the centuries.

Here you can admire ancient tools from all over France and learn about the skills and techniques that were used to create everyday objects that we take for granted today.

Museum of the tools of Troyes

In addition, through interactive exhibits and worker testimonials, you will be able to understand the importance of labor rights and the struggle for social justice.

The place itself is quite an attraction; it was a hotel built in 1560. We think it deserves to be on the list of what to see in Troyes because it is a museum with a quite different look that is not found elsewhere.

In addition, you can see that the architecture of the place and its inner courtyard are worth a visit.

Stroll Along the Canal du Trevois

A walk along the banks of the canal is a great opportunity to contemplate some of the historic buildings of the city, but also to enjoy the statues that have been installed in recent years on the most important bridges that cross over the canal.

As you walk, you will cross several bars, large flower beds, and flower pots that are quite beautiful.

Taste the Typical Food of Troyes

The gastronomy of Troyes is a delight for lovers of traditional French food. The city is famous for its succulent dishes that are perfect for the cold weather.

One of the best-known typical dishes is andouillette, a smoked sausage made with pork casings and served with mustard. I’m honestly not a big fan and I know few people who like it. But it is one of the typical dishes you can try.

If you try it, I look forward to your comments at the end of the post.

Another popular dish is boudin blanc, a white sausage made with pork, breadcrumbs and spices.

Restaurants in the center of Troyes

But if you want to try something really special, don’t miss the Tarte Tropézienne, a sweet and spongy cream cake that is a delight to the palate.

In addition, in Troyes, you will find bakeries and pastry shops offering a wide variety of irresistible fresh pieces of bread, croissants, and pastries.

And as Troyes is within the champagne region, you can’t leave the city without tasting a couple of glasses of this traditional drink.

Visit the Church of Saint Pantaleon

The Church of Saint Pantaleon is an architectural jewel to see in Troyes.

Originally built in the 12th century as a synagogue, it suffered a fire and was rebuilt and transformed and modified several times. Today it is considered an impressive example of Gothic architecture.

For some the best things to see in the Church of San Pantaleon are the 16th century stained glass windows that adorn the windows. These stained glass windows tell biblical stories and the lives of the saints.

But for me, the most impressive things about this church are its sculptures and reliefs. In general, I love sculpture, whenever I go to a museum, my favorite section is the sculpture section and this church, really surprised me by the quality of its works. Here are some pictures.

Museum of Modern Art

The museum was closed for 4 years and many renovations was made, and it was beautiful.

You will find collections of cubists, realist masters, and other styles of painters. In addition, you can see sculptures from Africa and Oceania.

The collection includes over 3,000 works, including some by Matisse, Metzinger, Millet, Picasso, Degas, Rodin and many more.

Sainte Madeleine Church

It is a 12th-century church, making it the oldest religious building in the city and one of the earliest examples of Gothic style in the region.

It was later enlarged and reformed in the 16th century, so it also has a Renaissance style in many parts, such as the apse, the tower and the choir.

Be sure to look at the stone behind the choir, which is fully sculpted and was made in the early 16th century.

The exterior of the church looks austere, but the interior decoration will take your breath away.

Cross the Ruelle des Chats

Rue de Chats translates as Street of Cats, and its name is because it is so narrow that a cat can jump from one sidewalk to the other, in fact in some parts of the street the roofs of one side and the other touch each other.

Cross this alley and walk through the whole area which is one of the most commercial of Troyes, and where there are many restaurants to taste good typical food.

Experience Art and Culture at the Musée des Beaux-Arts

The Saint-Loup Museum has different collections, some dedicated to fine arts, others to archeology and natural history.

As for fine arts, the focus is on paintings by French artists from the 14th to the 19th century. But there are also authors from the rest of Europe. And as far as sculptures are concerned, there are a few rarities from the medieval era that belonged to the cathedral.

The archaeological collection has a little bit of everything, from treasures from ancient Greece and Egypt to local treasures.

In the Natural History rooms, you can see large-scale reproductions of platypus, pangolins, bears, wild boars and much more.

Visit the Abbey of Saint Loup

It is not known exactly when this monastery was built, but it is believed that it was in the 5th century, but unfortunately, most of what was there disappeared, mostly because of the destruction it suffered during the French Revolution.

The only thing that remains is the building that today houses the Fine Arts Museum.

Saint-Loup is a fundamental character in the history of Troyes; it is believed that he saved the city when facing Attila in the 5th century. And it is supposed that the monastery was erected to house his remains.

Vauluisant Museum

The Vauluisant Museum is a local history museum located in the historic center of Troyes. The museum is housed in a historic 15th-century building that has been restored and renovated to house the exhibition.

The museum tells the history of Troyes and the Champagne region through a collection of historical objects and artifacts from Roman times to the present day.

The exhibition is divided into several thematic rooms, each with its own focus and related objects.

Hotel entrance of Vauluisant

Among the highlights of the museum are models of the city of Troyes at different times, a collection of traditional costumes from the Champagne region, a room dedicated to lace making, and a room showing how Champagne is made.

There is also a section dedicated to the famous brand of chocolates from Troyes, Lacour, and another showing how life was lived in the Middle Ages.

Saint Urbain de Troyes Basilica

The Basilica of Saint Urbain is a Gothic church located in the center of Troyes. It is dedicated to Saint Urbain, the patron saint of winegrowers.

It was built between the 13th and 15th centuries and is famous for its impressive rose window and Italian Renaissance style high altar.

The basilica also houses numerous works of art, including a 16th-century polychrome wooden sculpture of St. Urban and a painting of Christ on the Cross from the Flemish school.

Basilica of Saint Urban of Troyes

How to Get From Paris to Troyes

Troyes is 180 kilometers from Paris, so the drive is about 2 hours.

You can rent a car here at the best prices.

The bus trip from Paris to Troyes takes between 2hs 20 minutes and 3hs 10 minutes and costs 8€.

While by train, if you take the first one of the day, the trip costs 10€, and if not, it costs 31,30€. The train ride to Troyes takes an hour and a half.


Where to Eat in Troyes

One of the best areas to find a variety of gastronomic offerings is on rue Champeaux, where there are many cafes and terraces.

One of the places we recommend is La Charrette Creole, where you will not find the typical French food, as the owners come from Reunion Island, so it is a good opportunity to try something different.

They have buffet-style food, so you can try many different things that you won’t find in the rest of the city.

Another recommendation we give you to eat in Troyes is Tout Simplement. This restaurant offers French gastronomy dishes with gourmet decoration and fresh products. It also has a very good dessert menu.

And, of course, it has a wide variety of wines and champagnes.

Where to Stay in Troyes, France

We bring you 3 options to choose where to stay in Troyes. Choose according to your taste and budget. Please note that the prices mentioned above may change over time and according to the seasons.

APPART New-Yorkais FRIENDS (Central PERK)

This apartment is very well located, close to the town hall, the Museum of Tools and Trade and the Aube congress center.

It has a very special decoration, ideal for fans of the Friends series, who will not stop taking pictures.

It is very well equipped and has different games for you to have a fun stay.

The dormitory rent is 34€ per night for two people, and up to 4 guests are allowed.

APPART New-yorkais

Hotel Saint Georges

This option is a 5-star aparthotel with all the amenities you need for a few days stay. The place has an oven, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker and toaster. Some of the rooms have a sitting area, bathtub and balcony.

The hotel offers breakfast every morning.

The hotel is housed in a 16th-century mansion in the heart of the old city. A few meters away is the museum of tools and the Troyes train station and there are many gardens and parks nearby.

The apartment for two people costs from 88€.

Hotel Saint Georges

La Licorne Hotel Troyes Mgallery

This hotel is a real luxury, including a gym, a terrace and a bar. It also has a spa area where you can relax in its indoor pool, sauna or Turkish bath.

The decoration of the hotel and its bar are exceptional. You will love it.

The hotel offers different types of breakfasts: buffet, American and continental. It also has a restaurant.

Also, it has a very good location, so you could walk to most of the places to see in Troyes.

The double room starts at 215€.

La Licorne Hotel

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